Me. Myself. And I.



Coach and Teacher for Heart Mind Life Set Improvement and Integration Teacher and Practitioner of Alignment WorkExpertise work experience in international business working in top jobs combining my medical background with the beauty lifestyle world, in operations, marketing and in advising positions Practitioner and Senior Teacher of ancient Hawaiian, Amazon and Native traditions including Energy Work, Body Work and Mind Work Consultant for Feng Shui, Energy Flow and Geomancy Teacher of Yoga and Mindfulness

Who am I...? I am you. You are me.

I am Kerstin and my deepest heart passion is live happy and enjoy life´s blessings.

I have the most beautiful gift of an adventurous blessed life that gave and gives me wonderful opportunities to learn, to grow and to change through deep experiences, beautiful people and unexpected moments crossing my path and catching me by surprise at times. And I have been through rough stormy seasons that lead me to choose to take a chance - and sometimes even a leap of faith - to elevate and rise above. I learned to choose to use my pain as my power. I chose to take a chance to make a change and to live the best me. I learned to meet the moments and happenings from the heart in the knowing that I deserve the best life and I deserve to be live in happiness and joy no matter what happened and what happens and no matter what tried and what tries to overshadow the beauty of here now. And this happiness and joy begins within me, myself and I and my decision and choice to understand, reflect and align my setting of heart, mind and life to my standards and values. This happiness and joy begins in my heart - every day.

What do I do...?​

I live my vision and promise of making this world a better place. I share my wisdom. I teach my knowledge. I practice modern approaches, ancient traditions and effective techniques that allow unique individual adjustments to our different life situations and circumstances. In my offers of inspiration rituals and practices for Self-Care and Self-Love I created a variety of product options that can help you improve your life and shift into new directions and possibilities in a complementary and interlacing way. The products include combinations of coaching techniques, self-mastery practices for self-improvement, mentality work, body work, emotional work, energy work, energy visualizations, meditations and techniques to create and anchor in changes on a mental, physical, emotional and energetic level. I have taken over 20 years of experience from the colorful variations my life path has given me, from people and opportunities of lessons that I learned and grew from, from the western style full-on worldwide business jobs to the international varieties of lifestyle expressions to learning and studying for many years with and from some of the best ancient traditional teachers from the Hawaiian and Amazon nature core techniques of alignment and oneness. From this I created these amazing life changing approaches so that your mind, your heart and your soul can be in a more balanced and more joyful state as well - in a state of happy oneness aligned with your true inner nature so that you can live your best life filled with love and blessings and so that you can live you as you truly are within your core. I have worked with many clients locally and worldwide, I have been advising and coaching, I have been teaching and sharing for many years now and it never ceases to amaze me to see one of us being brave enough to change and overcome one of these things that we carry around for so long influencing our mind, heart and life. It´s so very heart touching... I share because I care for you and for myself and for this world - whatever we change within ourselves we reflect and radiate outwards on all levels and that makes this world a better place for us and for our surroundings - for all of life and nature. So thank you from the bottom of my heart for joining me to choose, love and be the true pure you as we call it in getting...

What Where When...?

I practice, apply, teach and study effective modern life approaches and timeless teachings of the ancient wisdom traditions in order to align in a harmonious connection for more flow, energy, vitality and joy.

I am a Personal Coach with specification in advanced techniques for efficient mind and life change approaches and personal concept design. I am a certified Practitioner and Teacher of ancient traditional Hawaiian Healing Arts and Amazon Light and Energy Work. I am a certified Yoga Teacher and Mindfulness Teacher. I am a certified Consultant for interior and exterior Energy Alignment including Feng Shui, Energy Flow and Geomancy - with academy certification with a professional degree with distinction and international recognition in Business and Marketing.

I live in a beautiful setting that sometimes feels like living on a beautiful island embraced by nature´s forces unfolding lively and beautifully - the wind keeping the sea alive and whispering its secrets of the art of oneness and harmony from the shore to the mountain peaks, the rocks of the earth grounding deeply, the plants unfolding, flourishing and cycling in the ever changing seasons, the sun touching everything with grace... I live in a beautiful setting that sometimes is the center core of modern life and it seems surreal being touched by memories of times of castles and fairy tales away from it all at the same time. I live in a beautiful setting that allows me, myself and I to live my true me and to be my true me, to do my true me, for a true me. I travel to exotic places and explore the local gardens. I dive into the ocean and get lost in the forests. I live the life from sunrise to sunset and watch the magic of falling stars and dancing snowflakes.
I savor the variations of the beauty from dolce vita to dolce far niente. I soak up and embrace the things, the moments and the encounters that happen between the infinity of heaven and the core of the earth in their most beautiful and creative ways. I align and center with nature´s elements and the universe´s energies in order to balance and flow with ease and grace and joy and love and beauty.


Think with your Heart. Love with your Mind. Shine from your Soul.

K Heart x1
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